African Community Advancement Initiative

African Community Advancement Initiative
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Mission: African Community Advancement Initiative partners with rural communities to create sustainable local development programs that improve overall quality of life through training, education and infrastructure to address the three facets of sustainable development: health, education and living standards.

About Us: Through a micro-holistic approach, ACA Initiative partners with rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa to identify the gaps in the development process for three categories: health, education and living standards. After identifying these deficiencies, the ACA Initiative works with the community to develop a strategy to integrate education, training, access to better tools and supplies, as well as infrastructure to improve these areas and ensure long-term, sustainable development in the community. We are currently working in rural Tanzania with a remote farming village of approximately 2,000 families. Through partnerships with other organizations, ACA Initiative launched the Rufiji River Project which is providing expert agricultural training combined with access to advanced seed and environmentally friendly fertilizer to improve farming outputs by 200-500 percent. Also, by facilitating market access, farmers in the area are able to quadruple their earning potential. Simultaneously, the ACA Initiative has launched its “Champions of Health” project which is a collaboration of outreach, nutrition, education and research to combat the serious health problems prevalent in the area.

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