Above the Seas
2659 Juniper Ave Boulder CO

The mission of Above The Seas is to support educational advancement through the promotion and support of community libraries in the developing world. Our main objective is to improve village and slum libraries which serve the extremely poor.
We are a small Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) supporting libraries in the developing world. We collect and manage funds which are used to purchase needed supplies for community libraries. We have very low operation overhead costs. All funds are directed entirely to purchase and deliver supplies to libraries in the poorest places. We donate supplies to existing libraries to enhance their services and improve the quality of information for the benefit of the local population.
(303) 731-6733
Africa School Assistance Project
191 University Blvd, #285
Denver, CO 80206
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The Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) is committed to increasing access to quality public education in East Africa, especially for girls.
Education, more than any other sector of development, seeds dramatic improvement in poverty reduction, gender equality, health outcomes, child immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental protection and wildlife conservation. Simply put, widely available public education will lead to a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future for Africa.
To date, ASAP has developed seven rural community schools in the Arusha and Mwanza Regions of Tanzania, impacting over 5,000 students annually and they’re getting huge results. 100% primary completion and transition rates to secondary school and the Kupanda Project for Girls has increased secondary completion rates for girls from a shocking 4% to 100%!

Africa’s Tomorrow
9903 Garland Dr
Westminster, CO
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Africa’s Tomorrow is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, registered in the US since 2006. We provide funding to promising female students from rural Africa in order to help them attain higher education when poverty would otherwise prevent them from continuing. We believe that educating the underprivileged is the best investment in the future and provides a catalyst for positive change throughout the world.

While this entire experience benefits many people, the ultimate purpose is to help Africa. The idea is that by providing a great education to students from rural areas of Africa, they will gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to return home and promote positive changes from within. With roots in the community, they are equipped with the knowledge and connections that will foster efficient and relevant progress, as well as the acumen to prioritize problems and allocate resources, rather than an international organization making those decisions.

(720) 507-6628
International Peace Initiatives
1777 S. Harrison St. Ste. 1500 Denver CO

The mission of International Peace Initiatives is to promote cultures of peace by supporting sustainable initiatives that improve livelihoods and enhance quality of life. IPI-U.S. helps fund, and gives advice and technical assistance to IPI-Kenya, which runs all operations in Meru, Kenya
(303) 949-5642
Kapadia Education
1031 33rd St.
Colorado 80205 USA

Kapadia Education Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded to help students achieve their educational goals through direct involvement between a sponsor/mentor and a student.

By helping students advance their education, we empower them to solve their community’s social problems, end poverty, and remove barriers that lead to ignorance and despair. 
Each student that we can help educate is one more life changed, and one more step towards making the world a better place. We see this change in the 285 students who have benefited from our
sponsorship to become teachers, engineers, social workers, businessmen, scientists, and entrepreneurs. 
Of the 310 students sponsored to date, 142 are currently enrolled and 168 have graduated.  Proper mentor-ship and encouragement of enrolled students results in a near 100% graduation rate.

One School at a Time
PO Box 342 Eldorado Springs CO
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One School at a Time partners with subsistence farming communities in rural Uganda, Africa to boost the performance and quality of existing public schools— ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME. We currently partner with 6 schools serving over 2,500 students. We are passionate about our programs to empower older girls to stay in school- educated girls can break the cycle of poverty for both their families and communities.
(303) 447-8836