Wild Source
Address: 801 14th St., Golden CO
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We live and work in Africa and the USA. The Wild Source was founded by African big cat researcher Bill Given to create a safari planning company that could apply wildlife biologist knowledge to develop safaris tailored specifically to the wildlife interests of each traveler. We provide the convenience of a Colorado based planning office but also have a full Tanzanian registered ground operation with an office in Arusha. The Wild Source employs a staff of 20 in Africa and we have our own remarkable guides and camps. We have partnerships with the other major camp owners to be able to offer the full range of possibilities for each itinerary. Ultimately it is all about relationships, and our special community spanning two continents makes The Wild Source uniquely positioned to create and deliver a safari that exceeds your dreams.

Business Website: http://thewildsource.com/
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Address: PO Box 3078 Aspen CO
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WildiZe Foundation, founded in Aspen, Colorado by Eli Weiss twenty years ago, helps individuals and educational institutions dedicated to conservation of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and the indigenous cultures of Africa to raise awareness and funding to face contemporary challenges in conserving our wild world, as well as highlighting the parallels in the US and globally through educational outreach.  WildiZe provides grants to on-the-ground conservation organizations engaged in anti-poaching, scientific research, combatting the international wildlife trade, community education, and other similar efforts.  WildiZe also sponsors the online radio  broadcast, Our Wild World, to help raise global awareness of important global issues in conservation by interviewing world-leading experts.  WildiZe Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Business Website: http://www.wildize.org
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Wildlife Protection Solutions
Address: 2501 Welton St. Denver CO
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Wildlife Protection Solutions is a 501(C)(3) international nonprofit whose mission is to utilize technology for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems.


Wildlife Protection Solutions consists of a team of technology experts seeking to enhance conservation best practices through the practical application of new software, hardware and field methods.

WPS has established research camps in a number of international locations. Research camps are located in remote natural environments and consist of housing facilities, personnel, research equipment and communications infrastructure. These test sites provide a live environment to develop, refine and demostrate the latest in technology based conservation applications.


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Wld Animal Sanctuary
Address: 2999 County Road 53, Keenesburg, CO
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Established in 1980, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, is a state and federally licensed zoological facility and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Originally Started outside Boulder, CO, TWAS soon moved to Lyons, CO, where there was more room for the animals, and to provide for future expansion. After eight years at that location, TWAS was forced to move again due to a limestone quarry beginning rock blasting operations next door.

The three main points of our mission…(1) to rescue captive large carnivores who have been abused, abandoned, illegally kept or exploited…(2) to create for them a wonderful life for as long as they live…and (3) to educate about the causes and solutions to the Captive Wildlife Crisis… are what we commit to for the animals, and for the humans who help to make a positive difference for them.

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