African Restaurants & Food Trucks in Denver

Whether you call Africa home, or love trying global cuisine, you will be happy to know that the Denver area offers a variety of African dining options. The sizeable African diaspora in Colorado has created a rich and vibrant culinary scene for all to enjoy. Here’s a list of our favorites!

Sudan Café

The Sudan Café is a hidden gem in Aurora serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ethiopian and Sudanese food is prepared fresh and authentic at affordable prices in this café that is home to a growing immigrant community in the Denver area. Come enjoy real, African food with good company! Located at: 10375 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO.

African Grill

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The African Grill, owned by the Osei-Fordwuo family, has two locations; Lakewood and Green Valley Ranch, both serving tasty African food from all over the continent. Their samosas and plantains are excellent! Located at 18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd, Denver, CO and 955 S Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, CO.

Maandeeq East Africa Café

Maandeeq East African Café offers Coloradans a taste of Somalian cuisine in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The food is authentic, served with delicious, spiced tea. Mandeeq East African Restaurant and Café is located at 1535 S Havana St, Aurora, CO.

Pikine Grill

The Pikine Grill is Colorado’s first and only West African gourmet food truck! They are available for catering, as well as on the street. Their locations change daily, and can be found on

Nana African Market

Missing home? Wish you could buy the same products you could when you lived in Africa? Stocked with goodies and groceries from all over the continent, be sure to check out Nana’s to feel home away from home. Located inside Iliff Pointe Shopping Center, at 10223 E Iliff Ave, Denver.

Makola African Market

If you are looking for West African staple, make sure you check out Makola African market. They have everything from casava and yam flours, Nigerian curry, African legumes and much more. Located at 2032 Clinton St, Aurora.

The Ethiopian Food Truck

There is absolutely top notch Ethiopian food rolling around Denver! Available for catering, events, or driving around town in Denver, we highly recommend this authentic, healthy, and delicious Ethiopian food!

Are you a local African business? Send us a message! We want to know about you!

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