Akente Express
919 Park Ave West Denver CO

Since it started back in 1991, Akente Express has been Denver's most complete African shopping center—Period. We carry a hand-selected collection of the finest kente cloth, African art and crafts, as well as beauty products. Denver-based and family owned & operated—we're proud to source and import all of our products, responsibly.

(303) 297-8817
Arada Restaurant
750 Santa Fe Drive Denver CO

Arada Cuisine takes on traditional dishes that are served in a contemporary tantalizing dining experience, by an excellent service staff. The atmosphere is a pitch perfect match for the complex and satisfying flavors and aromas that come from within the kitchen.
(303) 329-3334
Bead for Life
6797 Winchester Circle Boulder CO

Our story begins with one courageous woman in 2004. In a chance encounter, our founders met Millie Grace Akena while walking through a Ugandan slum. Millie sat outside of her mud home, rolling beads from strips of paper under the sweltering sun, when Devin Hibbard, Ginny Jordan and Torkin Wakefield stopped to talk with her. Though she struggled to put food on the table, Millie found joy in creating beautiful things with her own hands, and she was determined to build a better future for her family.

For 15 years, women around the world have been connecting through love and empowerment, growing a social enterprise to educate and raise funds to support women’s entrepreneurship training to transform lives.
(303) 544-5901
Beauty for Ashes Uganda
3578 Hartsel Drive, Unit E #120
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Beauty for Ashes Uganda works towards long-term sustainable development and deep healing for single moms and widows in the Teso Region of Uganda.
We do this through mutually transformative relationships and empowerment that provides resources and tools necessary for change.

1,183 mamas in Uganda are a part of the BFAU family along with their 6,500+ kiddos across 32 villages in 38 women's cooperatives

Bridge for Africa
5461 Soapwood Circle, Parker, CO 80134

Bridge for Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting self-sufficiency and the dignity of work in rural African communities.Bridge began in 2003 with the chance meeting of an African and an American in South Africa; they recognized that while the art emerging from Africa represents an extraordinary blend of tradition, vibrancy and the beauty of modern Africa, local markets are such that artisans are frequently not rewarded with a living wage for their work. These women from two continents then envisioned a non-profit organization committed to Building Resources to Inspire Dignity, Growth, and Empowerment (BRIDGE) through trade. Fair Trade practices – to which we adhere as a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation – offer the guarantee of fair wages, equal opportunities, safe working conditions, and long-term relationships built on mutual respect. Today, Bridge for Africa is a well-established and respected provider of fine contemporary crafts to the American market. We pay the artists a living wage, promote sustainable development in Africa, and educate consumers in the U.S. about the benefits of Fair Trade as a method to fight poverty in the developing world. Our goal is to provide consistent work and a living wage for the skilled artisans with whom we partner, enabling them to shape their own lives and thereby advancing hope for future generations.

Our Mission: Our mission is to realize the incredible potential for making a difference in African artisan communities by harnessing the outstanding artistic talent of African artisans to create marketable products for sale in the U.S.

Our products are currently located in over 300 stores across the U.S , 90 museums and 28 zoo's.

(303) 596-1263
3858 Walnut St. Ste. 219 Denver Colorado
Chapungu Sculpture
Chapungu c/o McWinney
2725 Rocky Mountain Ave # 200, Loveland, CO

Founded by Roy Guthrie, as African Art Promotions Inc. in 1970, Chapungu Sculpture Park has pioneered the promotion of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture (Shona Sculpture) and has built up the most important permanent collection of this work in existence.

(970) 962-0011
Children of Hope
PO Box 18636 (19.19 mi) Golden Colorado

In 2003 we opened our hearts and doors to orphaned, abandoned, neglected and abused children. Children of Hope® provides these children with the love, family, education and home everyone deserves.

Since we started our ministry, several of our children have since grown up, finished college and have successfully transitioned into independent adulthood. As they move on, we continue to welcome new children into our homes and family.
(303) 423-1357
284 Franklin St Denver CO

We collect used and surplus mobility devices, ship them to developing countries, and distribute them--free--to people with physical challenges regardless of their race, gender, tribe, age, or religion.

(303) 877-2803