Africa School Assistance Project
Address: 191 University Blvd, #285
Denver, CO 80206
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The Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) is committed to increasing access to quality public education in East Africa, especially for girls.
Education, more than any other sector of development, seeds dramatic improvement in poverty reduction, gender equality, health outcomes, child immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental protection and wildlife conservation. Simply put, widely available public education will lead to a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future for Africa.
To date, ASAP has developed seven rural community schools in the Arusha and Mwanza Regions of Tanzania, impacting over 5,000 students annually and they’re getting huge results. 100% primary completion and transition rates to secondary school and the Kupanda Project for Girls has increased secondary completion rates for girls from a shocking 4% to 100%!

Africa Travel Centre
Address: 3445 Penrose Pl #225 Boulder CO
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We design custom safaris for the ultimate african wildlife experience. From family adventures and honeymoons, to professional photography trips for groups, our personalized trips are designed expressly for you and your group. From start to end, expert guides and experienced professionals support a seamless adventure, with unique accommodations and inspiring activities. With over 20 years of experience, we take care of all the details, every step of the way so you can immerse yourself entirely in the experience.

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(303) 473-0950
Africa’s Tomorrow
Address: 9903 Garland Dr
Westminster, CO
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Africa’s Tomorrow is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, registered in the US since 2006. We provide funding to promising female students from rural Africa in order to help them attain higher education when poverty would otherwise prevent them from continuing. We believe that educating the underprivileged is the best investment in the future and provides a catalyst for positive change throughout the world.

While this entire experience benefits many people, the ultimate purpose is to help Africa. The idea is that by providing a great education to students from rural areas of Africa, they will gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to return home and promote positive changes from within. With roots in the community, they are equipped with the knowledge and connections that will foster efficient and relevant progress, as well as the acumen to prioritize problems and allocate resources, rather than an international organization making those decisions.

(720) 507-6628
African Community Advancement Initiative
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Mission: African Community Advancement Initiative partners with rural communities to create sustainable local development programs that improve overall quality of life through training, education and infrastructure to address the three facets of sustainable development: health, education and living standards.

About Us: Through a micro-holistic approach, ACA Initiative partners with rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa to identify the gaps in the development process for three categories: health, education and living standards. After identifying these deficiencies, the ACA Initiative works with the community to develop a strategy to integrate education, training, access to better tools and supplies, as well as infrastructure to improve these areas and ensure long-term, sustainable development in the community. We are currently working in rural Tanzania with a remote farming village of approximately 2,000 families. Through partnerships with other organizations, ACA Initiative launched the Rufiji River Project which is providing expert agricultural training combined with access to advanced seed and environmentally friendly fertilizer to improve farming outputs by 200-500 percent. Also, by facilitating market access, farmers in the area are able to quadruple their earning potential. Simultaneously, the ACA Initiative has launched its "Champions of Health" project which is a collaboration of outreach, nutrition, education and research to combat the serious health problems prevalent in the area.

(720) 583-5175
African Community Center – Denver
Address: 925 S. Niagara St. Ste. 200 Denver CO
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– The African Community Center of Denver welcomes refugees who have fled persecution and have been granted third country resettlement through UNHCR and the U.S. State Department. Refugees come to Colorado from all regions of the world. ACC welcomes people from all over the globe.

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(303) 399-4500
African Conservation Centre – US
Address: 637-B South Broadway #122 Boulder CO
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Established in 2014 as a U.S. 501 (c) (3) public charity, African Conservation Centre US (ACC-US) exists to provide support for the African Conservation Centre (ACC) in Kenya and other community-based wildlife conservation initiatives in Africa.

Founded by Dr. David Western and a committed group of board members, ACC-US raises, administers, and grants funds and resources for ACC and other charitable organizations and programs that link science, conservation, and people to sustain biodiversity. We do this by partnering with individual donors, foundations, corporations, and other nonprofit organizations.

ACC-US board members and staff are dedicated to supporting ACC and their programs because, for more than 20 years, ACC has pioneered community-based conservation programs that work. As an African hub for cutting-edge conservation practices, ACC brings together the people and resources needed to design and implement sustainable solutions to conservation issues.

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African Drums & Dance Collective of Fort Collins/ FALE
Address: Studio West, 216 W Horsetooth Rd, Fort Collins CO
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The African Drum and Dance Collective of Fort Collins was created in an effort to study and promote traditional West African drumming and dancing in the community of Fort Collins. Since its inception in 2005 we have been privileged to host a wide range of master drummers and dancers from all over the United States and West Africa.

We are a group of individuals dedicated to learning, teaching, performing, and promoting traditional African Drum and Dance throughout Northern Colorado.

African Eyes Travel
Address: 2323 S. Troy St., Suite 3-206 Aurora
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We plan your trip around your interests, and your budget and length of stay. We have a great team of professional and very knowledgeable guides and representatives who will be with you throughout your trip. We put these trips, so your accommodations (luxury or budget) are carefully chosen to make sure you get a good “mix” of places to stay. Those properties will range from the Ultra Luxury Hotels to Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses with charm. All will be well-located, clean and safe. Your hosts are warm and welcoming and always go the extra mile. We invite you to our offices for an interview with us. (Conference calls and emails work well too for those outside of Denver).This way we can talk about your particular interests, available time for the trip and your budget.

(303) 394-5199
African Grill and Bar –
Address: 18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd Denver CO
(303) 375-7835
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