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Bonnie Carol
Bonnie Carol

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With a natural energetic ease, Bonnie Carol sings and plays hammered and fretted dulcimers as well as African marimba, bodhrán, folk drums and hand percussion. A performance is likely to encompass traditional music from North and South America, the British Isles, Caribbean rhythms, and even Tex-Mex tunes, all fitting together in that exuberant whole we call World Music.

In addition to her solo concerts, Bonnie can be found playing in a Celtic ensemble, and a contra and square dance band. More about each of these options below.

Bonnie's music has filled concert halls form New York to Nicaragua for four decades. She is an international ambassador for peace in the most artistic sense, a visionary from the high country of Colorado. She has an arresting natural charm, extraordinary talent and energy, acres of instruments and mountains of talent.
Bonnie possesses professional credentials that are some of the most complete in the industry. She has produced, recorded, and distributed half a dozen recordings of her music, on which she plays the majority of the instruments. She has played on dozens of others musicians' CDs as a studio musician. She put her knowledge of traditional music, dulcimers, and African marimbas into the dozen books she has authored. Most of the dulcimer contests across the nation have seen Bonnie win or place.


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