Music & Dance

Music & Dance


BaoBao Foundation strives to strengthen communities in West Africa and Colorado, create awareness of the richness of West African arts and culture and empower communities in Ghana through endeavors such as the BaoBao Library Project.

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Nokuthula, based in Nederland, Colorado, plays contemporary and traditional Afro-pop fusion dance music from Zimbabwe, South Africa and beyond.  The band’s roots are in Zimbabwean-style marimba and mbira, but its music is also influenced by jazz, blues, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Haitian, and other world music. Nokuthula’s music is joyous, energetic and upbeat with driving rhythms and mesmerizing vocals.  A Nokuthula performance takes one on a musical journey and includes 1,000 year old traditional mbira songs, jazz-influenced township music and popular dance songs of South Africa, controversial anti-war music of Zimbabwe, traditional Cuban and West African drum songs, contemporary Zimbabwean compositions, Mozambican folk music, and a hint of American jazz.
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Shamwari Youth Ensemble
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We offer instruction in music from southern Africa on Zimbabwean-style marimbas. Group classes give students an opportunity to experience music with others in a hands-on, experiential way. Students learn music, but also learn how to work together–and the importance of doing so.

We believe that our music inspires, transforms, and connects us to each other and our world. Our directors, Randy McIntosh and Amy Stewart McIntosh, founded Kutandara in 1999 after falling in love with Zimbabwean music and wanting to share their passion for this music with others. In 2017, we became a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
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